Miracle Challenge 2016 - Social Media (Launch Image 1)

If you’ve never heard of Children’s Miracle Network’s Miracle Challenge, there’s still time! Starting September 1 Janeway supporters will join forces, raise money and get fit together.

So what is Miracle Challenge? Miracle Challenge is a 27-day wellness challenge that encourages you to achieve fitness goals, while fundraising for kids at your Children’s Miracle Network member hospital – the Janeway. Register, choose a fitness track – running, walking, cycling/spinning, yoga or boot camp – and over the course of 27 days, accomplish 27 different mini-challenges all connected to your fitness passion. With messages coming from fitness experts, and encouragement coming from both celebrities and miracle kids, this is a challenge we know you can crush!

Along the way, each person is challenged to raise at least $10 per day on behalf of kids in their Children’s Miracle Network member hospital. Why? Because while we get fit, there are kids in the Janeway who can’t go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride. They are fighting scary illnesses like cancer, or recovering from an illness we can’t even pronounce. So let’s help them get better, so one day, they can join us on this fitness challenge!

Miracle Challenge starts Sept. 1, and we truly hope you will join us in this amazing journey. Let’s Get Fit and Help Kids together!

It just takes a few minutes to register or sponsor! Please visit www.MiracleChallenge.ca and do a quick search for our team name: Janeway Gym Class Heroes, to sponsor or join. You can also feel free to create your own team! Whatever works for you, works for us, as long as you keep moving and having fun for all our kids.