Construction of the integrated operating room (OR) at the Janeway Hospital is nearing completion.  The room is the new standard for modern hospitals which allows increased efficiency for our surgical teams.

“Each year the Janeway’s team of surgeons performs more than 5,600 surgeries.  The current ORs are now 14 years old and much of the equipment is reaching the end of its reasonable life cycle” said Lynn Sparkes, President and CEO, Janeway Foundation.

Benefits of the Integrated ORs are:

  • Ceiling and wall-mounted endoscopic video equipment and other technology will replace awkward and space-filling cart-mounted equipment;
  • Easier access by surgical team to patient data and more comprehensive information from linked technology; and
  • The room set-up will aid in maintaining the sterile field and will facilitate the integration of multiple OR technologies and video signals.

“Configuration of the new integrated OR gives us greater mobility in the immediate operating area and will reduce the length of some surgeries,” stated Dr. Kevin Chan, Janeway Clinical Chief.  “Also, the advanced medical equipment that uses high definition and scope technology in these ORs will allow for minimally invasive procedures, thereby decreasing the patient’s risk for blood loss and infection, reducing pain, trauma, and length of hospital stay.”

NL Building and Construction Trades Council (Trades NL) gave $1.75 million to the Janeway to construct three state-of-the-art integrated ORs.  “We are pleased to move forward with the construction of these ORs and grateful to Trades NL for their transformational gift to Newfoundland and Labrador children and their families,” added Ms. Sparkes.

Video from NTV News Story (air date:  November 22, 2017)