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Hilary Warren (15 years of age)
2018 Children’s Miracle Network Champion





Hilary was complaining to her older sister about a terrible headache and went up to her room to rest. Before long, her sister found her collapsed, unresponsive, on her bedroom floor.

Hilary was rushed to the Janeway, where doctors discovered she had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that had ruptured, causing severe bleeding in her brain. She required emergency surgery to remove the AVM and relieve the pressure.

Hilary spent days in an induced coma, with her family not knowing if she had sustained any brain damage. Miraculously, when Hilary awoke she could move all of her limbs and immediately began working on her recovery.

Though she had many complications fighting off infections, Hilary was determined to get better. Even when scarring on her brain led to epilepsy, she didn’t let it get her down. Hilary is once again back to doing the things she loves.  Imagine all the pranks she is going to pull now.

Ben Elliott (14 years of age)
2018 Janeway Telethon Miracle Kid

It was early June and Ben Elliot was enjoying the summer weather when he lost control of his dirt bike. The accident resulted in a severe burn on his right leg that went straight to the bone. At the Janeway, doctors covered the bone  with a skin graft, removing 20% of Ben’s leg muscle to aid in healing. Though it seemed inevitable that Ben would lose his leg, he and the Janeway team refused to give up.

Over the course of 71 days, Ben bravely underwent four surgeries and more than 300 dressing changes on his injury, all the while, keeping up with his studies with Janeway Hospital Teachers and even attending his Cadet meetings in a wheelchair.

In September, doctors confirmed that Ben’s leg would be saved. By the time the holidays rolled around, he was snowshoeing with his family without so much as a limp.

Ben is an inspiration to all those who know and love him, and is living proof that miracles do happen.  And you can tell from this photo that Ben is also a very fun-loving teenager.

Blake and Logan Traverse (6 year old twins) with their little sister Emma
2018 Janeway Telethon Miracle Kids

Renee and Justin Traverse’s lives changed forever when their twin boys, Blake and Logan, were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 27 months.

Having to maintain regular appointments with a speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and developmental pediatrician was challenging, especially with the arrival of their little girl, Emma.

But not only did the Traverse family rise to the challenge, they did so with energy and positivity that inspired all those who came into contact with them. For hospital staff, the Traverse family represents what can happen when families and professionals work together to help children realize their full potential: miracles.