We are pleased to announce this year’s hosts and performers. Watch the 30th Telethon on NTV.

Saturday, May 31: 6:30-9:30 pm

Sunday, June 1: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm


Telethon 2014 Hosts

Telethon Emcee: Toni Marie Wiseman

Aamie Gillam

Amanda Mews

Christina Marshall-Jeenes

Danny Williams

Dave Elms

Dave Squires

Eddie Sheerr

Erin Sulley

Fred Hutton

Glen Carter

Heather Gillis

Hugh Campbell

Jesse Stirling

Larry Jay

Laura Woodworth

Meaghan McCabe

Michael Connors

Robert Shawn

Rod Stockley

Sharon Snow

Stephanie O’Brien

Stephen Lethbridge

Tara Bradbury

Telethon 2014 Performers

Shawn Silver Dancers

Chris Kirby


Sandy Morris & Jenny Gear

Stompbox NL

Russell’s in the Corner

Music for Young Children

Fortunate Ones

STEP Fiddlers

Peter Halley, Shelia Williams and Shelly Neville

Kat McLevey

Sean Panting

Irish Descendants


The Once