Daycare Dance-athon

23rd Daycare Dance-athon
Friday, February 11, 2022!

Your gifts to the Janeway save lives!
You’re a superhero!

Hello Friends!

The Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation invites your daycare to participate in the 23rd Annual Daycare Dance-athon taking place on Friday, February 11th.

Your commitment to moving your bodies has inspired our wonderful Board Member, Gill Whelan of Whelan Wellness, to jump on board for Daycare Dance-athon! Gill wants to help you make this year even bigger and better!
Gill will host a virtual kids workout for all those signed up to participate!
When: Join LIVE via Zoom on Friday, February 11 @ 11:30 a.m.*

*For those daycares who are holding their dance on another day, we will send you a different link to play the virtual kids workout on demand at your convenience.

This fun event is a great opportunity to allow children in your care, along with staff, to have fun while helping others. Your donations buy new and innovative medical equipment; fund vital pediatric programs; help provide continued staff education; and support life-saving research that is relevant to kids here in our province.

Here’s what Daycare Dance-athon is all about:

  • Who can get involved? Everyone – children in your care and the staff!
  • What does it take? It takes 10 minutes of movin’, groovin’, and dancing up a storm!
  • When does the Daycare Dance-athon take place? On Friday, February 11 – a day meant for dancing, caring and sharing.
  • Where do we go to participate? Stay where you are and dance to the rhythm right in your centre.
  • Why should we consider participating in the Daycare Dance-athon? Because all our Janeway children need your help! And when you help, you’re a superhero!

    Please fill-in the registration form below to participate in the 2022 Daycare Dance-athon!

    When you register, we will email a PLEDGE SHEET and send you STICKERS and TATTOOS via courier.
    Should you require any further information please contact us directly at 709-777-4264 or

Daycare Dance-athon