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How to Fundraise

Thank you for taking the first step to fundraising for the Janeway Foundation!

Each year, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador amaze us with their generosity and support, by organizing events and activities to raise money for the Janeway.
Without this support, we would not be able to continue improving the lives of sick and injured children throughout the province.

Whether you are leading a company, a family fundraiser, a community group, or school or daycare, your commitment enriches the delivery of medical care for our province’s children.

Click here for our Janeway Fundraising booklets to assist you:
Corporate Fundraising
Community Fundraising*

Once you’re ready to START FUNDRAISING in support of the Janeway, register your fundraising campaign with the Janeway Foundation to ensure that you receive the full benefit of partnering with us.

Please call:


Corporate Contact:
Carmella Butland

Community Contact:
Phyllis Kinsman
*FOR COMMUNITY FUNDRAISERS ONLY:  After your event, please complete this summary form and submit it with your donations:  Fundraising Form

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