September 18, 2019

St. John’s, NL – Today the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation held its annual general meeting in St. John’s. Martin Sullivan, Chair, Janeway Foundation’s Board of Directors, and Lynn Sparkes, President and CEO, Janeway Foundation, shared activities and accomplishments of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.

“This past fiscal year, through the generosity of our donors, the Janeway Foundation disbursed $2,270,028 to Eastern Health for the Janeway Hospital and other pediatric initiatives,” stated Martin Sullivan. “Seventy-four per cent went towards new capital equipment and the remainder was allocated for research, continued education, and program support, all to provide the best care possible for children and their families in Newfoundland and Labrador.”

“The support of the Janeway Foundation and their donors is integral to Eastern Health’s ability to provide quality health care to children throughout our entire province,” said David Diamond, President and CEO, Eastern Health. “The full impact of these investments will benefit our youngest patients and their families for many years to come, and enable our health-care professionals to provide the best care possible. On behalf of Eastern Health, I thank the foundation and their donors for this ongoing support.”

This year, one of the capital projects funded by the Foundation’s generous donors was the construction of a Special Care Surgical Unit. “This new Unit will increase efficiencies for the NICU by freeing up beds, as it will allow critically ill neonates and children to continue receiving the Level 111 care they require, while graduating surgical babies to the Level 1 Special Care Unit built specifically for their needs,” Mr. Sullivan said.

Also, the Therapeutic Play Garden underwent renovations and upgrades whereby new therapeutic tools were installed. The Janeway Foundation was also pleased to partner with the Janeway Auxiliary and Eastern Health in order to create a new welcoming, relaxing environment leading up to the doors of the Janeway Hospital.

The Foundation announced the retiring of four board members and thanked them for their years of service and commitment: Chris Facey, Kevin King, Marvin Way, and Will Eisener. Also, the Foundation welcomed new board members: Glenn Stanford, Nicholas Richard, Charlene Brophy, CJ Nolan, Karen Winsor, and Paul Oram.

The Janeway Foundation’s Annual Report for 2018-2019 is available online at

About the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation
The Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation is a registered charitable organization created to raise funds to meet the financial needs of the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre for capital projects, medical equipment and research and programs directly related to the health and welfare of NL children, while promoting awareness of these needs.