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“There was one child I will never forget. A young boy had a severe asthma attack and was airlifted to the Janeway. He was in such terrible shape that the only option we had was to put him on an oscillatory ventilator. It was a sleepless night, but together we saved his life.” – Cheryl Bailey, Respiratory Clinical Lead

Dear Janeway Friend,
The respiratory team at the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre spend their days, and sleepless nights, making sure children can breathe.

Every piece of respiratory equipment they use at the Janeway helps save a life.

Please consider a gift to the Janeway this holiday season to help purchase additional state-of-the-art respiratory equipment that will help kids breathe. Your gifts will also purchase diagnostic equipment that will detect lung problems early, before bigger issues develop.

Twins Owen and Noah were born prematurely at 28 weeks and couldn’t breathe on their own. They were put on ventilators immediately. For almost the entire first year of his life, Owen required respiratory support, first in the Janeway NICU then in the PICU.

The twins’ mom Natasha says, “They were completely dependent on equipment to breathe. They were so little. So helpless. But once we met the respiratory team, we knew wholeheartedly they were doing everything they possibly could to help our babies. We saw what they were capable of. They carefully explained all the equipment to us and answered all the questions we had. Once we were comfortable with that part of it, we knew we could handle it.”

The respiratory team treats all pediatric patients. Those who may require advanced respiratory support in the NICU and PICU, like Owen and Noah, or those children requiring diagnostic testing in the pulmonary function lab.

“Children who have rough starts might need ongoing monitoring and testing throughout their lives,” says Cheryl Bailey, Respiratory Clinical Lead. “Then, of course, children who have conditions like cystic fibrosis, asthma, muscular abnormalities, effects of COVID-19, or countless other conditions that cause either chronic or acute respiratory distress all need our care. Respiratory intervention is vital whenever children have difficulty breathing.”

You can ensure better health outcomes for kids in our community. You can help everyone at the Janeway breathe a little easier this holiday season by giving a gift to the Janeway today.

When you donate you can also add a message for those spending the holidays at the Janeway this year in the comments box on the donation form. Your messages will be shared with children and families – and also with our healthcare heroes!

Please, take a moment right now and make your gift to the Janeway.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.





Rebecca Dutton, President and CEO

P.S. You can also read more of Owen and Noah’s story here.